Simultane çevirmen, simultane tercüman, simultane tercüme, ardıl çeviri konularında hizmet arıyorsanız UKT size çözüm sunabilir. Uluslararası Konferans Tercümanları Türkiye'nin ilk ve en köklü simultane çeviri şirketidir.

Notes to the conference organizer

If you are going to use simultaneous interpreting services at the conference you are organizing, the following tips will ensure the success of your meeting.

UKT interpreters are members of TKTD (Association of United Conference Interpreters of Turkey).  For details, please also refer to TKTD Working Conditions.

  • Technical Systems: UKT provides only conference interpreting services. Therefore, you will need to contact a technical service provider for STANDARD interpretation booths, microphones, headsets etc.

    If you wish, however, UKT can be your consultant for these matters.

    Make sure:

    • Speakers are provided with lapel microphones.
    • There are enough wireless hand-microphones for Question & Answer sessions.
    • The standard booths (with proper ventilation, sound proofing, dimensions, desk, and lighting) are placed at a location and distance from which interpreters can see the speakers and the screen comfortably.
    • When necessary, booths need to be placed on raised platforms for better vision for the interpreters.
    • Booths should not be placed near entrances or kitchen and / or waiters’ work areas

  • Meeting Documents
  • UKT interpreters serve in many fields some of which require expertise.
    In order for them to prepare for such conferences and learn the specific terminology:

      • documents are very important.
      • documents need to be forwarded to interpreters well in advance of a conference.
      • This practice adds to the quality of service rendered.
      • All documents and information shall be kept strictly confidential. If you wish, they shall all be returned to you after the conference.
      • If time allows, the parties can come together for a briefing, any further pertinent information supplied by the organizers will be valuable for the interpreters. Such a briefing would also give the organizers an opportunity to meet the interpreters and introduce the speakers.

  • Audio recording:

    Aside from interpretation services rendered for radio or TV companies,
    • anyone wishing to record the interpretation needs to negotiate this and have it included in the contract.
    • This is because each interpreter has intellectual property rights related to his / her interpretation services and must be asked for written consent before a meeting.

  • Duration of work:
      • When discussing the details of your meeting with the UKT office, please do not forget to give the details of your agenda or work program (number of hours / number of sessions / speakers)
      • For healthy interpretation as well as the well – being of the interpreters, 1 interpreter can work “alone” for 1 hour maximum.
      • For a team of two interpreters  alternating  every 20 minutes, the duration of work is 2 X 3 hours.
      • In the event meetings go beyond 6 hours, either a third interpreter or a second team is assigned.

        UKT Office shall assist you in determining the number of interpreters your meeting requires.

    • For conferences held:
      •  away from the city center or
      •  out of the interpreters’ home town

       transportation is provided by the conference organizer.

      The conference organizer meets the costs of:

        • Transportation (including costs of round trip airplane tickets) for locations outside the interpreters’ domicile,
        • the cost of single rooms per interpreter in hotels where the conference is held,
        • meals
        • Travel conditions or hours should not have a negative impact on the interpreters’ health or the quality of his / her interpretation. Interpreters need to be allowed to rest after a long journey before they are asked to interpret.
Needing simultaneous interpretation services?
Most UKT conference interpreters are AIIC members, all interpreters work according to AIIC principles.
All UKT interpreters are TKTD members.
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